A productive Thursday

Yersterday, Thursday was very productive. We finished painting the inside of the church, built walls for the office of the pastor and this milk coop office. got half way through making a foundation for a water tank that will supply the milk house.  Sue, Kim and Diane spent the afternoon with teachers teaching math skills, sharing ideas about art for kids and school and goal setting.  We are all learning new skills like mixing cement, building a block wall, paving the road with stones and dirt, speaking Spanish and even a little of the indiginous language of Ketchua (sp?).  We are physically tired from the demanding work but our hearts are full, God is good.  Our hosts are very hard workers and patient with us as we learn new skills.

Pray with us as we have a kid's program with puppets, skit, crafts and games this afternoon.  At 9 Friday morning we're hosting a Women's day with cooking a traditional American meal (beef stew), making a craft, a devotion time, door prizes and matching women from River Falls (thanks MOPS women!!) with women in Lote Tres for prayer partners.  As I write this I can hear traffic and roosters 🙂  .Looking forward to the day!!

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