A Mother’s Gift: God’s Miracle

Mother's Day

Lindsey Koskie, a mother at FirstCov, shares a Mother’s Day reflection with us:

Childbirth has been the most physically painful and physically challenging thing I have ever gone through. And yet, I have gone through it four times! As I wondered how this could be possible, I realized that it is also one of the most amazing things I have ever experienced in this world.

I just think about the fact that each time, God designed and created a life inside me, a new little person. There was nothing there, then there was, and it got bigger and bigger and my body began to feel more and more uncomfortable. I could not get over the awe of being able to feel something alive moving around INSIDE me. And then the day would come – the day that I would have to face the pain and go through great suffering.

“This is going to hurt!” I thought each time as I knew the very end of my pregnancy was near. The pain lasted for hours and only got stronger and stronger. Each time I would get to a point where I felt I could not bear the intense pain any longer.

But I could not quit.

Then, finally, the suffering was over and I got to be one of the first people in the whole entire world to meet this new little person. Each time I was surprised to hear “It’s a girl!” And each time I thought, “A girl! How lucky could I be?!”

I got to hear the first cries and see the first movements.

I got to take part in giving this child a name.

I got to be one of the first people to hold this amazing little miracle, this brand new person, and examine her to see what her hair looked like, and what color her eyes were and what shape her nose was and how long her fingers and toes were.

The wonder of the experience is beyond description. Obviously the great amazement of it must greatly outweigh the intense pain.

How amazing it is that God lets us take part in this miracle, a piece of His creation!

Whether you are a mother that has gone through childbirth or not, (or not even a mother at all!) just remember that at one point in time, you were that amazing miracle to someone else, a gift worth suffering for.

How did your mother help you experience that?

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  1. candace
    How right you are Lindsey, very well expressed. The pains of childbirth can be hard to handle and seem like they'll never end...but the Lord is good and the pain ends and what you have afterwards is His miracle, His gift just for you. Being pregnant and then holding each of my baby's has brought me closer to the Lord each time. As soon as I know I'm pregnancy I think to myself "He must think pretty well of me to entrust this little child to my care" that makes me feel like I must be doing something right. Through out the pregnancy and then through the birth I feel Him saying "I love you and I will get you through this" because He understands how much I love this new little baby....even before conception but he also knows how hard its going to be. As for the question posed.....my mother and I have never gotten along and being a mother now I can't understand why she disliked being a mother so much. I find, even in the hardships, that being a mother is the best thing God has ever done for me and my heart breaks that my own mother couldn't feel the same way. I think having the Lord in your life just opens that lens for you as a mother though, and unfortunatly she didn't have that. Nevertheless, I will never stop praising my Lord fo the blessings he has given me in my 8 beautiful and unique children. They are my joy and my window into the true love of God.
  2. Lindsey
    Thank you so much, Candace, for sharing your insight! You have so many good thoughts and experiences to share. It does amaze me, too, that God creates each of His children so differently - no two are exactly the same. I think my mom did a wonderful job being a mom (and still does), but I will admit that I do have a hard time thinking of myself as her miracle. It is something I aim to communicate well to my own children.

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