A God Thing?

The cross marking part of the potential expansion area.

THIS PAST SUNDAY, after kicking off the Discovery Period of the Stewardship Campaign at the first service with models, virtual fly-through and the campaign goals, Dan and I drove home to pick up our kids for Sunday school and 2nd service.  On our way back to church, we drove south on Main Street, past the front of the church.  After hearing Mark Gillis talk about the tape that had been placed on the lawn of the church, showing where the building expansion would be, we wanted to take a look.

One nice touch that Mark added was placing a cross on the lawn to mark the spot where the cross would be at the front of the church.  “Oh,” I said, “that’s great that he put the cross in there.”

“Looks like there’s a bird on the cross,” Dan said.

“Yeah, it looks like a dove,” I commented.

“That’s a mourning dove,” Dan said.  I wouldn’t know a mourning dove from a peacock, but Dan is a nature guy who knows his birds.   We continued to watch the dove as we drove past the church and turned in the driveway.  We watched the dove as we drove down the driveway and to the parking lot.  The dove continued to sit, unmoving, on the cross.

“That’s gotta be a fake bird.  Mark Gillis must have put that on there.”  I figured this was another nice touch, since our goal levels for the campaign are all named for various birds, with our highest level being named after the dove.  We parked and started to walk toward the church.

“I’m just going to go look at that bird,” Dan said quickly, and he headed off toward Main Street and the front of the church.  A few minutes later, Dan came into the sanctuary.

“That wasn’t a fake bird.  That was a dove.  It didn’t fly away until I walked over toward it,” Dan reported.

A “God thing?”  Or a completely random coincidence?   Albert Einstein once noted that “There are two ways to live: You can live as if nothing is a miracle, or you can live as if everything is a miracle.”

I choose to believe that we are living in miraculous times at 1st Covenant.

--Mary & Dan Wilkening, Stewardship Campaign Directors

How have you seen God working through the Stewardship Campaign?

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