7 Principles to Interpret the Bible Well

Ever see someone misapply the Bible? Or wonder "Is that really what it means?"

It's important for each of us to be aware of how we interpret the Bible. We are to carefully handle God's Word (2 Tim 2:15). So whatever your calling in life, it is not just for the pastor or theologian.  We ran across this great post sharing 7 helpful principles that will help you take a step in your study of the Bible. As the author notes: "Interpreting the Bible—hermeneutics—is the science and art of understanding, translating, and explaining the meaning of the Scripture text."

May this help you discover the richness of God's Word and the wonder of the God who authored it.

Read more about each of these principles at the source.

1. Identify the kind of literature your text is for insight into its meaning.

2. Consider the context of the passage for a better understanding of its meaning.

3. Read the text for its plain and obvious meaning.

4. Try to discern the writer’s intentions when he wrote the text.

5. Look carefully at the language of the text for what it reveals about its meaning.

6. Notice the various theological themes in the text.

7. Always take a God-centered perspective for interpreting your text.


Any other principles or ideas you would add?

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    Good points, thank you.

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