50 Countries Christians Persecuted Most (Infographic)

In this Holy Week, we reflect upon the joys but also the sufferings of Christ. This is a good time for us to remember the brothers and sisters in Christ that are persecuted throughout the world. Did you know Christians are significantly persecuted in the world? Below is an infographic that shares this.

Ever wonder how to pray for them? Below are a few quick ideas from a useful post to check out for more info on how to pray for individuals, spouses, children, and converts.

Remember those who are in prison, as though in prison with them, and those who are mistreated, since you also are in the body. - Hebrews 13:3

Individuals – Pray that they:

  • remain strong in faith and trust despite physical and psychological abuse
  • will be able to forgive those who persecute them or who fail to support them
  • will experience and know love, joy and peace from God (Romans 8:28-39)
  • will walk humbly in their identification with Christ’s sufferings
  • will be fruitful witnesses to others
  • will be able to balance standing up for their rights, yet responding in grace and love

Spouses – Pray that they:

  • cope with the sense of loss and isolation
  • cope with caring and providing for children alone
  • remain full of faith and hope
  • overcome any intimidation from police or other aggressors

Children – Pray that they:

  • are protected from long term psychological/emotional harm and bitterness
  • are protected from abduction or the “corrective teaching” some States try to impose
  • might know and experience the love of God

Converts – Pray that they:

  • receive help to grow spiritually
  • are protected and provided for should their family or community turn against them
  • will have the courage to lead others to know Christ

Check out more on persecuted Christians with Open Doors. And consider signing a petition that sends a note to the President of the United States about the persecution of Christians in the world.

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