4 Tips for Launching Kids Out of the Nest and into College


Leaving the nest...

Many parents face a bitter sweet time in this season of graduation. There are feelings of pride and joy over achievements along with concern and prayers for their child's future and next decisions and life choices.

What does it look like to help a child take next steps into this new independence?

How do we even think about this important time of transition?

We plan and pay but what are some good ideas for us to hit as they enter into a wider world with less of your influence and guidance?

Below are a couple good core ideas to get you started. Check out the Sticky Faith source for specific tips for each as well as four solid action steps that come from these.

Key Area #1: Explore and Clarify Boundaries
Key Area #2: Encourage and Let Them Explore Their Own Faith
Key Area #3: Finances, Budgets and Credit Cards
Key Area #4: Let Them Fail…and Succeed

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