4 Keys to Helping Kids Persevere in the Faith

It's a question I've often struggled with.

How does prayer and our own action overlap in pointing our kids toward Jesus? Some lean toward prayer more; others toward action. But both are essential.

So, while we continue to pray for God's work in kids, there are discipling actions to be taken too. And these are not just individual but also in our family life as mother, grandfather, uncle, sister and other roles or callings.

Family discipleship is important. So how do we follow Jesus as a family together? How do we encourage each member to follow Jesus? Let's see!

We are reminded in many Scriptural themes that as adults who follow Jesus there is also an active role where we are called to teach, live and counsel our kids and those who come after us in the faith (e.g., Deut. 6; Mt 28:18-20; Eph. 6; 2 Tim. 2:22).

God, in His love for us, is always at work in the one who comes into a transforming life with Christ (Jn 6:44) but, as we read in these verses above, there are concrete actions God invites us to help young people grow in the faith.

We were created for community and God uses the family (and the church family) to assist Christian growth and formation.

Below are four points observed in some research that further identifies these themes and gives some concrete ways to live it. Then you can read their full post here for more info as well as some great action steps at the bottom!

  1. Parents Influence is Crucial
  2. Bland Faith Doesn't Transfer
  3. The Power of a Close Relationship
  4. Love the Prodigal

Besides the actions in the article, what have you observed or done?

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