3 Tips to Communicate (Well) with Others

Valentine's Day is a time of reflecting upon relating with those we love. And a reminder of many we connect with and have relationships. And in that, we all face challenges in our communication. Being a Christ-follower/Christian does not mean we'll do it perfectly. Here are three lenses you want to be aware for the sake of your spouse, your family, your friends and co-workers.

  • Most of us engage primarily in reactive communication. Someone does or says something offensive and we react to it with negativity.
  • Another unhealthy interaction is radioactive communication. This is when topics become such a source of conflict that you simply can't discuss them anymore. They turn toxic.
  • Proactive communication is the only healthy form of engagement. This is where you see a topic that needs to be discussed and you tackle it head-on. You set a specific time and place to talk over an issue. Then, when the moment arrives, you discuss it calmly and objectively while maintaining a loving, patient attitude.

It is difficult to find solutions when your communication involves snapping back (reactive) or avoiding an issue (radioactive).

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What do you think leads to poor communication?

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  1. candace
    I think past hurts lead to bad communication. Whether those hurts are from your spouse or not if you didn't have good communication with your parents or extended family chances are you won't have good communication with your spouse either.

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