3/3 Day 7 – SHOPPING!

The beautiful booths at the Otavalo Market

The HUGE burger at the Pie Shop
Delicious new refresco (soda) we found

Jim was followed all over the market by the belt seller

Bob and his new hat

Swings across from Cafe Jinete
Catching a joyful moment...

Beautiful view of Cayambe from Pastor Jose's house

Pastor Jose's church

 Today was a much needed rest day. We went shopping in Otavalo and Cotacachi today, and had a magnificent time. There were several requests for botas (boots) and bufandas (scarves). The rules were: groups must 3 or more, and there must be a male in each group. So...that means that we had to have the guys come with us ladies shopping! They had no choice!

We had four hours in Otavalo to shop and have lunch. After walking up and down the colorful aisles, filled with handmade or bought goods, we stopped at a small cafe called the Pie Shop. We all ordered a cheese burger, some ordered sodas, and some ordered pie. The team leaders told us that since the burgers were so large, we could box up the rest and give it to a beggar as we were walking through the market.

The market was so exciting! There were vendors yelling out, approaching you to tell you about their items (mostly in English). If you even lingered for a moment at a booth, or pointed or touched an item, the vendor would approach you and ask you if you wanted to buy it, and pull out more colors or styles. There was lots of saying "No gracias (no thank you)". One guideline: if you started bartering and they agreed to your price, you better buy it! Most booths sold very similar items, so if you purchased something for $5 at one booth, and you wanted another item at another booth, but they wanted $8, you could talk them into price matching.

At about 2, we left Otavalo to drive to Cotacachi for a little more shopping. There is an area/street in town that has mostly all leather goods for sale, and that is where we were dropped off. The prices were low, and the quality was very good, so we bought several things here. We left Cotacachi at 3:30 and headed back to Cayambe.

The cafe we stopped at in Cayambe was called Cafe Jinete. It was along the main street in Cayambe. It was a small cafe with a menu written on the wall. There was only a few items on the menu, but we could also order one of the breakfast items as well. We were told that the cooking might take a little while, so some of us ladies talked Jim into going with us to the (HUGE!) playground across the street. There were zip-line swings, a tower with a maze at the bottom, and so many other things. This place was huge! It had to be several acres! After a few things at the playground, we went back to the cafe, just in time to get our food delivered to us.

Once we were done there, we headed back to Pastor Jose's house and got ready for church where he is the pastor. There were a few that had been feeling steadily worse over the course of the day, and they stayed back - Pastor Todd, Sue and Helen. We were told that church starts at 7, so we were there almost right at 7, to find that there was no one in the congregation, and the music players were practicing. The service actually didn't start too much after 7, and they had a praise band and projector, similar to our church at home.

What an amazing sermon! Pastor Jose preached on Matthew 5:14-16. Just listening to a sermon in another language, you automatically focus more, you  pay attention to the words more. The spanish language is such a beautiful language, and when Pastor Jose was preaching, he was so passionate and radiated joy. How wonderful to see such a vibrant man of God, preaching to this congregation. Daniela was translating the sermon for us, and she really got into it as well. It was almost like watching two sermons!

They invited us up to sing for them, and we sang our favorite "Cuan Grande es Dios (How Great is Our God)", We had only planned that one, but once we were up there and finished the first song, the pastor requested "Uno mas!", or one more! Someone ran to get the sheet music for Jesus Loves Me and we sang it in English and Spanish. They were singing along and we had such a great time.

Just like at our church, they had a fellowship time after the service. They even had treats! They served small pristinos (Ecuadorian bread) as well as warm, sweet tea. Very delicious!

We went back to the house and had a great team meeting; we talked, we laughed. We prayed over those that were sick, and just reviewed the events coming up the next day. It is such a blessing to get to know the rest of the team better, and become bonded by this shared experience!

Prayer Requests:
Recovery for Helen, Sue, Todd and all those not feeling well today.
That we would continue to press on with Christ's strength and be a light to each other and the people of Lote Tres

It really only rained during lunch, when we were out of the rain.
No one lost anything in the busy market
Great relationship begun/continued with Pastor Jose's daughter, Glenda. Such a great young lady with a beautiful heart that accepted Christ only 2 months ago.

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