2014 “Weird Animals” VBS Highlights


Come celebrate God's work from this past week's "Weird Animals: Jesus Love is One-of-a-Kind" VBS! An amazing week filled with a lot of fun as well as powerful lessons on faith.

Below are some pictures, some of what we learned, and just a few of the praises and ways we saw God work (at VBS we call them "God Sightings"). After you check them out, we invite you to share some of your own.

Help add to the stories! Whether a volunteer, parent, grandparent, or caregiver, what did you hear or see? Leave a comment below with your praise, story, or even just a thank you.


Your first sight & welcome to "Weird Animals" VBS

Your first sight as you enter.

Weird Animals footprints

Some of the footprints of our "Weird Animals".

Just a few of our "God sightings":

Total kids: 142 (increased by 42 from 2013)

Many kids invited friends this year!

Professions of faith in Christ: about 35

VBS Offering: about $320 for clean water in India (Operation Kid to Kid)

81 families total (20 more families than 2013)

72 Kids from Outside FirstCov

Generous giving to help provide T-shirts (each child) and a VBS song CD (each family).

Volunteers: 87 (& many more who gave donations, prepared things, etc.)

And we are reminded that numbers don't matter unless God is working in them.


Kids signed their names to remember Jesus loves each of them.

Kids signed their names to remember Jesus loves each of them.

An exciting display!

An exciting display!

What Did You Do This Year?

If you didn't make it, here is a little of what we did.

Along with old favorites like games tied to our themes, Bible story time, and great actions songs, we had new additions of the Imagination Station and the KidVid Cinema.

Our Bible stories included:

Jesus heals the ten lepers.

Jesus reaches out to a Samaritan woman.

Jesus washes the disciples’ feet.

Jesus dies and comes back to life.

Ananias bravely helps Saul.

Daily Bible Points

Even when you’re left out…Jesus loves you!

 Even though you’re different…Jesus loves you!

Even when you don’t understand...Jesus loves you!

Even though you do wrong…Jesus loves you!

Even when you’re afraid…Jesus loves you!

Fun actions songs with great lyrics!

Fun actions songs with great lyrics!

Thank you for your prayer and support of this year's VBS.

We can't do it without you.

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4 Responses

  1. Pastor Brian
    There are a couple things I'll add that I am thanking God. The atmosphere. There was just a blessed sense of God's mission and peace throughout the week even when bumps came along. The many volunteers. Not only could you tell we were caring for the kids well but there were many stories of volunteers initiating help when a situation called for it, even if it wasn't there area. The closing program. It was great to see such a fantastic response of parents and caregivers...with so many we didn't even know. And the team put together a great "closing ceremony." Thank you for the prayer and sacrifices of the volunteers and the VBS team!
  2. Angie
    As a volunteer for the third (maybe 4th?) year, I treasure this time with these kids! You want to know the best part? The kids that you see after VBS that continue to remember the good times, the smiles, the laughs, the songs, etc, and tell their parents "There's my VBS leader!". Even if you never see these kids again, just knowing that you had them for these few hours during VBS is awesome, and you keep praying for them, long after VBS is over... I thank God that we have a great team here at First Cov to plan and volunteer their time during the week to make this so successful!
  3. Mark
    One thing I was blessed by was seeing all the different gifts in the Body of Christ working together. There are jobs that I would feel very out of place for and sure enough there are people in the Body who do it well, but not only that, they are energized by it. It reminds me how God has created us differently to reflect Him together. Something as large as VBS is great for the church because no one person can pull it off and so it gives God the glory.
  4. Melissa
    It was a blessing and honor to be part of the Bible Story station at VBS! It is so fun to see the stories come alive and the children get so excited about them! I praise God for His Spirit moving throughout each night's story, His provision of wonderful helpers who made the room and activities of the story flow and become meaningful! Each person who led a group and participated in the story made that personal touch upon the children's lives during those story times! One of my favorite moments was when two little ones each wanted to pray at the end... They prayed from their hearts and impacted each person in the room as they did! May we all continue to grow in such childlike faith!! Praise God for all He did during this special week!

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