2/29 Day 4 – Construction Day!

Another restful night! Thank God!

Most of us are feeling well; some nausea here and there, but we are still able to function.


Sanitation lessons at church

Lote Tres Escuela (School)


Putting glow germ lotion on and looking at it under the black light

Melissa teaching dental health!

Krista meeting her prayer partner that she was matched up with 2 years ago - Maria Lucia

Handing boards up to the second floor, for the new stage


Beautiful Ecuadorian woman

Sarah's hard work carrying sand for the cement floor

Ecuadorian and First Cov Team working cooperatively


Cheese making!

Jim pointing at the work we were doing...

Our interpreter, Mary, made friends with this sweet little girl!

Mixing cement with large hoes

All these children were so excited to have pictures,especially with Nikki and Danielle who played with them the most. Each time, they all ran to the camera to have a look at the pictures.







 Breakfast at 7am. We are enjoying each other's company, and really growing together as a team!

We left on the bus for Lote Tres with our work clothes on, ready do do cement construction on the church floor. We arrived at about 9am, with a small group of church members, ready to greet us. First order of business, move the church benches and break apart the wood on the stage. The people of Lote Tres and our group were working together, and it was such a beautiful thing!

There was a large pile of special sand we were going to transport up to the steps into the church. We also had several buckets that we filled with water from a nearby stream and hauled up the side of the church with a rope. We were all mixed in and helping each other; with carrying benches, filling sand bags, filling and hauling water, and mixing concrete.

The community members are such strong people! The men and women, and even the children were working extremely hard. Some of the women were even working and carrying their child on their back, or carrying heavy loads while walking with a cane.

Melissa, Sarah J, Sarah S, Sue, Nikki and Danielle all spent time at the Lote Tres school today, some in the morning, and some in the afternoon. The morning lesson was spent teaching sanitation - washing hands, germs, and dental hygiene. The handwashing lesson was very sweet, with Nikki and Danielle teaching the kids a song to sing twice while washing their hands. Sarah J. also brought a "germ liquid" that glowed under the black light to show the kids how germs spread with touching items and each other, and how they went away when washing hands.

Melissa did a great demonstration for the class on dental hygiene as well, with free handouts for all the students. We were pleased to find out that most of the students have the supplies for dental hygiene at home and use them. The youngest of the children actually brush their teeth each morning at school!

Juan Ramone worked with Sarah J, to talk about making cheese. There were two F.A.C.E. staff that also attended. Juan Ramone showed Sarah how to make their recipe for cheese, and there was great collaboration.

Once school was out, there were children all over the church grounds, hugging us, and playing soccer. What a connection we have made with these children already! They all wanted pictures and then wanted to see them afterwards. They all came to hug us and say goodbye at the bus again today - what amazing children!

We arrived back at the pastor's house about 6:30pm and ate supper. We had amazing guacamole, courtesy of our interpreter, Daniella, again tonight, and there were several of us that would have licked the plate clean, if we could... Most of us tried passion fruit - delicious!

The rest of the evening was spent preparing for Women's Day and Men's Day tomorrow. Lots of laughter and stories - God is bringing the group together!

Krista was able to meet and talk with her prayer partner from 2 years ago! A few of us may have cried...
We had a great day at the school teaching sanitation classes and making cheese.

Prayer Requests:
For our interpreter, Danielle, who hurt her back working today
For God to provide on Women's Day, especially, the right number of women for each bag. We want each women that attends to get a bag with a prayer partner.
Pray that the teachers in Lote Tres get the needed help in guiding and teaching students that may have behavioral or learning issues.

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