10 Ways the Cross Can Impact How You Live Each Day

10 ways to live differently because of the cross

Easter will be here shortly. A day of joy. Relief after reflecting on some difficult events. Hope in a resurrection because of the resurrection.

What does it look like in everyday life to live differently because of the cross? That can be hard to capture. Is it something we believe or does it impact how we live? Does a cross really matter for everyday life? This is a good week to consider that.

Below are 10 ways that we can live differently in our day-to-day choices and living. Check out the longer discussion and the Bible verses that inspired these here.

1) We would stop judging people, circumstances, and events based on outward appearances.

2) We would stop trying to win God's approval through our obedience.

3) We would stop trusting in our own resources to bring about spiritual transformation.

4) We would stop worrying about being clever in our presentation of the gospel.

5) We would stop considering some people to be beyond God's reach.

6) We would stop being surprised that our witness isn’t received warmly.

7) We would stop expecting ease and comfort in this life to be the norm.

8) We would stop worrying so much about the details our lives.

9) We would stop thinking highly of ourselves and looking down on others. 

10) We would stop fearing death.

He is not here; he has risen, just as he said. - Matthew 28:6

Have a joyful and happy Easter!

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  1. Nick
    Wonderful, gospel saturated truths!
  2. Mark
    #2 struck me---it is something I've been considering in my life lately. My motives are all messed up sometimes even when I'm trying to do the right things. Anyway...I feel like printing this list off and considering it daily to remind me and help keep me reflecting. Thanks.

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