10 Reasons to Join the Chronological Bible Challenge

Chronological Bible Challenge logoIt's back!! From the great feedback from our first try in 2014, we are bringing this Bible reading challenge back! And is starts this Friday, January 1...with special notes coming out soon!

Sign up is at the bottom. (Use a paper copy or the YouVersion Bible app from LifeChurch.tv. We will send a note soon with information on using the Bible app.)

Why try the Challenge? Here is a Top 10 of ideas:

10. You'll receive helpful notes on your readings and encouragements throughout the year! (Notes are sent according to the app schedule.)

9. We'll pray for you throughout the year.

8. Experience the Scriptures like many did in that time by listening to them (via the app.) [[Need to get to know the app, either for reading or listening? Check out this YouTube video on how to use it.]]

7. Realize how rich the psalms are as some are specifically tied to certain times of Old Testament history, such as the story of David.

6. Experience the themes of the New Testament in new ways as you read them with the wider context of where it fits in the story of the book of Acts.

5. There is opportunity to experience the Bible as God's story over all time.

4. The whole counsel of Scripture is engaged, from your most read or favorite parts to your least read or least favorite. Read the whole Bible with fresh eyes!

3. Renew (or learn) how the whole Bible points to Jesus Christ.

2. You come to understand who God is as He revealed Himself over time.

1. The glory of God shines forth from all of time, from the past story into His story in your life today.

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  1. Understanding what we believe and why is so critical for faith development. Reading God's sacred scripture is a critically important way for us to do this, reading it chronologically gives us a different view of the Holy Bible.

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